Over 60 years of experience and expertise in tank and plant construction

Since 1958 we have been producing storage containers and systems for the safe storage of heating oil and many other liquid media at our Leimen location. Today, plastics processing ( Blow Moulding of HD-PE) and the company head quarter are concentrated in Leimen. Containers and technical parts made of polyethylene (HD-PE) are manufactured on the most modern systems. Offline fluorination significantly improves the properties of heating oil tanks and many other products, not just in terms of permeation / diffusion. Furthermore, systems for rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling and stations for safe separation of drinking water (break tanks) are manufactured and many customer-specific systems are produced. The tradition in steel container construction is maintained in the Nienburg and Heidenau plants where production processes and applications are constantly being developed. Our focus is on large-volume single and double-walled storage tanks made of steel and stainless steel up to 150 m³ and on buffer tanks for the storage of hot and/or cold water. In Eitorf is based the service and technical support on rainwater harvesting and drinking water separating sytems- Cat 5 break systems.

The six main product areas of DEHOUST GmbH
Picture of the DEHOUST facility taken from a helicopter
Picture from inside the DEHOUST facility