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About us ▶︎ History


Andreas Bichler joins the management team at Dehoust GmbH. The area of industrial water management is the focus of development. The company sees great potential for development, particularly in drinking water separation stations and the decentralized dual use of grey water.
After 50 years in the South Industrial Estate in Leimen, Dehoust is able to put a new warehouse and production hall into operation. The possibilities for the production of systems for decentralized process water management (rainwater and greywater use and drinking water separation stations) are significantly increased.
This hall meets ecological requirements with a PV system and heat pump heating.
Further roof areas will be fitted with PV systems in 2023.
Market launch of the new generation of graywater systems - field test successfully completed. The GWtec® systems are characterized by better energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.
New sandblasting, painting and coating facility in Nienburg goes into operation
Dehoust receives the 2012 Heating Market Innovation Award for the DE-A-01 safety filling system. The integrated GWG chain makes heating oil storage safer and more space-saving.
Dehoust receives DIBt approval for PE containers with cleaning dome and drip pans for AdBlue®
Start of reconstruction at the Heidenau plant
With the TrioSafe 1500, Dehoust presents the first double-walled all-plastic safety tank with a capacity of 1500 liters.
The 2in1 safety tank system from Dehoust receives UL (United Laboratories) approval for the USA and Canada
Kautex Textron sells the mechanical systems of the HSU division to DEHOUST. The TRIO tanks from 600 to 2000 liters will be marketed under the brand name DEHOUST TRIO PLUS as of December 15, 2000.
New offline fluorination plant in Leimen for the treatment of PE tanks and PE combi tanks "PE-Plus". Due to the storage of heating oil close to the living space, the prevention of heating oil odors in the cellar is becoming increasingly important.
Presentation of the PE combi tanks at the ISH. The 2-in-1 safety tank system is well received by the customers and authorities.
Takeover of RCE Sachsen GmbH in Heidenau near Dresden and establishment of a production facility for steel storage and pressure tanks
Relocation of the Langendamm plant to Nienburg/ Schäferhof. Production of steel tanks and GRP tanks. Tank and apparatus construction also in stainless steel.
Expansion of the plant facilities. Large-scale blow-moulding plant for the production of PE tanks up to 4,000 liters
Relocation of production in Leimen to the new Gutenbergstrasse industrial estate and production of PE tanks from 1,000 to 2,000 liters made of HD-PE on large blow-moulding machines. PE tanks are used for storing heating oil and many other media.
Production of cylindrical steel storage tanks,in Leimen and Nienburg. Expansion of production facilities up to 20 tons and 2.900 mm diameter and pressure tanks.
Takeover of Rohna Ofenfabrik and start of production of heating oil tanks in Nienburg/Langendamm.
Foundation of DEHOUST GmbH in Leimen near Heidelberg by Ilse and Herbert Dehoust and start of production of heating oil tanks made of steel.