Sustainability at Dehoust GmbH

For Dehoust GmbH, as a leading supplier in the field of tank an apparatus construction, sustainability has long been a core principle in all business areas. For both existing products and new developments, as well as in the production processes themselves, Dehoust is guided by several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). Through these efforts, Dehoust wants to make its contribution to a more sustainable future.

As can be seen from out company motto “Energy. Heat. Water.”, our Products cover a wide range of areas regarding sustainability. Particularly in process water management, we are proud to be involved in contributing to multiple goals at the same time. By using rainwater efficiently, protecting drinking water from recontamination and treating and reusing grey water, we not only save valuable drinking water (SDG 6, SDG 12), but also offer solutions for the development of sustainable cities and industries.

With our products in the field of thermal energy storage, we are also directly addressing the goals of affordable and, above all, clean energy (SDG 7) und thus climate change (SDG13) itself. By being able to store generated heat over a longer period and not having to use it immediately after generation, excess energy from renewable energy generation, for example, can be efficiently stored and used when needed. In this way, we are involved in accelerating the energy transition.

At Dehoust, we not only offer these solutions worldwide, but also use our own technologies to reduce our ecological footprint. For example, we use grey water treatment at our own plants in Leimen and Nienburg to reduce our daily use of drinking water. We are also striving to make our production buildings more sustainable through energy-efficient renovations and developments. For example, several manufacturing facilities are equipped with photovoltaic systems in order to cover at least part of our energy requirements. We also use modern heat pumps to heat one production building and several offices.

In our production itself, we naturally also pay attention to achieving sustainability targets. Wherever possible, we try to save energy and resources and become sustainable in the areas of supply and shipping. By reducing the amount of plastic packaging for our products and using mainly paper and cardboard instead, we aim to further reduce the amount of plastic waste generated (SDG 14).

All these factors, as well as already planned efforts to further improve our sustainability, also help us to contribute to the 8th goal of the SDGs. Thanks to production in Germany and the sustainable economic growth of Dehoust GmbH, we offer our employees a secure job and the opportunity to develop in a variety of ways. As a medium-sized company in Germany, we are proud to make our contribution to a more sustainable and secure future for all.