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Greywatersystem GWtec®

Greywater system GWtec® for treatment of low polluted wastewater (greywater) from showers, hand basins and bathtubs using GWtec® membrane technology to high-quality process water that meets the hygienic / microbiological quality requirements of the European standard EN 16941-2 (systems for the Use of treated greywater).


  • reduction of overall mains water consumption up to 60% without loss of comfort in residential and commercial buildings, public buildings, hostels, hotels, sports facilities,…
  • excellent reuse-water quality (clear, odourless, germ-free) to substitute mains water for toilet flush, green irrigation, cleaning purposes, washing machine, cooling processes,…
  • eco-friendly bio-mechanical treatment process without using chemicals
  • energy efficient technology using only 0,5 kWh/m³ treated greywater
  • integrated mains water back-up system according to european standard EN 1717
  • full automated controller with 4“ high-resolution touchscreen
  • webinterface DehoustCONNECT for real-time access on controller via smartphone, tablet and PC
  • visualisation of fill levels, bio-mechanical purification process, operation status
  • creation of relevant operating data (recycled greywater total/per day, efficiency rate, mains water saving, current treatment performance, status of multibore membrane filter,…)
  • volt-free alarm output for building management system
  • modular system concept to design according individual project specification
  • compatible with rainwater harvesting systems
  • additional accessories available

Greywater Reuse in Municipal Company