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GWtec® greywater station 140 W incl. greywater filtration tank, aeration unit and backwash pump

GWtec® greywater system for the environmentally friendly, energy-efficient treatment of low contaminated wastewater (greywater) from showers, washbasins and bathtubs using multibore membrane technology to produce high-quality process water that meets the hygienic/microbiological quality requirements of European standard EN 16941-2. The equally important standards for the reuse of greywater of British Standard 8525-1:2010, the EU Bathing Water Directive 76/160/EEC and DIN 19650 (1999) Class 2 for irrigation water are fulfilled. Visually and sensorially indistinguishable from drinking water. Ideally suited for reuse for toilet flushing, cleaning purposes, washing machines, irrigation. Greywater system consisting of: GW filtration tank made of HD-PE black, as aerobic biological purification stage for the decomposition of organic pollutants and for feeding the GWtec® station with greywater. Equipped with DN 400 cleaning dome, DN 50 threaded insert for tank ventilation, DN 40 PVC drain cock and DN 100 emergency overflow connection at the front for connection to the sewage system. Analogue level monitoring by means of float switch. Whisper-quiet air compressor with wall bracket and EPDM membrane tube aerator EMR6-sil-coa especially for greywater. GWtec® station equipped with state-of-the-art ultrafiltration technology with dry-mounted hollow-fibre membrane filter. PESM membrane surface with increased hydrophilicity to minimise bio- fouling and scaling processes on membrane fibres. 99.9 % reliable retention of particles, germs and adsorbed viruses > 20 nanometres (0.0002 mm). Dynamic control of the treatment performance with SmartFiltrationControl (SFC) based on actual greywater contamination for optimum cleaning performance and maximum service life of the multibore membrane filter. Filtration process in dead-end mode. Filtrate pump as frequency-controlled horizontal centrifugal pump with pump housing made of stainless steel 1.4301. Powerful backwash pump for efficient cleaning of the hollow fibre membranes after filtration. Hydraulic control and operating processes via motor-controlled ball valves with position feedback for reliable operation. Control and monitoring of all flows by means of calibrated ultrasonic flow sensors. Level monitoring of the service water storage tank by means of pressure transducers, control and monitoring of make-up processes (drinking water, rainwater) in the service water storage tank. GWtec® station mounted on an anodised aluminium frame. Siemens Sinematic S7-1200 control system with high-resolution 4-inch TFT touch-screen display for controlling and monitoring the system processes for fully automatic operation. Operating parameters can be individually parameterised, selection of several operating modes, visualisation of filling levels, filtration and backwash processes, control of biological treatment stage and filtration process, creation of water balances, output of performance data, chronicle of alarm messages and operating events. Integrated web interface for remote access in real time, simple connection via LAN or WLan. Output of log files, automatic software update and sending of status messages (email, SMS).

Greywater filtration tank

Volume: 1500 liters
Length: 1560 mm
Width: 720 mm
Height: 1640 mm
Weight: 75 kg
Air compressor operating noise: max. 48 dB (A)
Air compressor delivery rate: 120 L / min at 180 mbar

GWtec® station

Length: 1100 mm
Width: 680 mm
Height: 1850 mm
Weight: 95 kg
Treatment performance: ~ 5,000 liters / day
Energy consumption: 0.5 kWh / m³ treated greywater
Filter fineness membrane filter: 20 nm
Active membrane surface: 40 qm
Backwash inlet connection: DN 40
Backwash outlet connection: DN 40
Filtrate outlet connection: DN 25
Control unit S7-1.200
Electrical connection: 400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
Power consumption: 2,31 kW
Protection class: IP 54
Protection class: F
LAN connection network must be provided on site